The aperitif-concerts

An evening of July, the heat, the desire to enjoy the night, your vacation, or just stop thinking about your work. You have some friends who come to your house at the moment of the aperitif and there is nothing left to offer them. Only one place is needed, the RIFE aperitif-concerts !

Idyllic surroundings, free admission, concerts to discover the music of the world, to have the feeling of traveling without having to move, it’s only in the village of the Festival of the Children of the World that such prowess is possible.

If the heat becomes unbearable, our refreshment bar will offer you a range of drinks, from traditional beer, to the Rifou (the festival drink), without forgetting wines, kirs and soft drinks. You will not suffer from dehydration.

As for food, you have the choice between a plate of tapas or a sandwich for your collation, or even a more complete menu with products that come directly from the producer.

In short, during the second week of July, you will not be left alone, the aperitif-concerts await you!

A single currency during the festival: The “RIFE” (1 RIFE = 1 €) on sale on the spot.

Returnable cups are required for any consumption during the whole festival.

1 cup = 1 RIFE of deposit.

Don’t forget to exchange your euros in RIFE arriving at the place of the festival.