The RIFE are members of the CIOFF, the International Council of Festivals Organizations of Folklore and Traditional Arts, an international non-governmental organization created in 1970 in Confolens (16), on the initiative of Henri Coursaget.

In cooperation with the UNESCO, its main objectives are the safeguarding, the promotion and the diffusion of the folklore and of the traditional and popular cultures. The CIOFF highlights the ​​intangible heritage by supporting cultural events in which dance, music, games, rituals, customs and all other forms of art are honored.

It is about 300 festivals that constitute the CIOFF network at the international level !

Every four years, the CIOFF organizes the worldwide Folkloriades, a unique event where groups from all over the world meet to present their own culture to the public. The last Folkloriades took place in Mexico, in July 2016. France participated in the event, represented by 28 young people from 8 different French groups from Alsace, Anjou, Auvergne, Britain, Champagne, Dauphiné and Limousin.

The CIOFF France is one of the 94 national branches existing in the world. It gathers a total of 28 festivals on the hexagon, including the Festival of the Children of the World of Saint Maixent l’Ecole. In addition of helping the festivals to develop, the CIOFF France also selects and labels groups that represent traditional French culture abroad.

All the activities of the CIOFF follow the same goal : to promote meetings and friendship between peoples, to defend world peace and to promote cultural diversity. These values ​​are also shared by the RIFE who strive to express it during the Festival of the Children of the World but also every day.