The CIOFF Youth

The CIOFF France is committed to train festival managers in order to prepare young volunteers to continue the actions undertaken by previous generations, in particular, through the CIOFF Youth. This section encourages the integration of young people into festivals, allowing them to share their experiences and to reflect on the theme of folklore, traditional arts and values ​​defended by the CIOFF.

You are under 27 ? You want to become a volunteer at the Festival of the Children of the World ? You are handyman or just want to give some of your free time to help others ? The CIOFF Youth of the RIFE awaits you !

Throughout the year, you can join a dynamic team implementing concrete projects. Whether it is the animation of the festival, the writing and the staging of a show, or the making of the sets, our program is very diverse and always full of satisfaction. The following are some examples, we hope they will give you the desire to join us !

In 2012, the decoration of the entrance of the festival site was our main occupation. The design and manufacture of a fountain and of a “roundabout of the world”, made only of recycled materials, proved to be a success ! Another decorative element, the roof of the cottage of the aperitif-concerts became a poster exhibition that shows 25 years of the history of the festival.

In addition to the decoration, we also move towards an ecological festival approach, a decision made by the association of the RIFE in the long term. In this way, the CIOFF Youth, in collaboration with a local company, built recycling trash cans. By following this process, we replaced plastic cutlery (forks, knives, plates, etc.) with washable and reusable cutlery, which allowed a significant reduction of rubbish during the festival.

After the 2012 edition, we take into account the criticisms received to improve and surpass us. For the year 2013, the CIOFF Youth decided to establish a special day. The program includes the launch of the second edition of the Radio RIFE, a show produced by us and the party organized by the volunteers. To this is added the manufacture of sets for the opening and closing performances. In short, it was a year full of interesting projects for the CIOFF Youth of Saint Maixent L’École.

In 2014, several of these projects were renewed, and an unprecedented show with the theater and improvisation company “Aline” was formed by the young festival-goers.

The 2015 edition was marked by the transformation of the place of the aperitif-concerts on the theme “tavern”, and the organization of a day “Celebrations on the site” in which the public and groups were able to perform different games in the place of the festival.

For the year 2016, we wanted to go further in the decoration of the place, with a directional sign of the countries present and the installation of a zone of outdoor relaxation facilitating a greater accessibility to the public. Also in line with the spirit of the festival, a hive made of books was built.


And the “Youth” team does not stop here… many other surprises are being prepared for the 2017 edition that you can come to discover from 11th to 16th of July !

Do not hesitate to join us !