Iye Ife

Iyé Ifé offers you the opportunity to discover an interesting variation of Cuban rhythms. The sound of salsa offers a subtle combination of sounds, guaracha, changui, rumba, salsa, and Cuban folklore. Eight Cuban musicians, heirs of the traditional rhythm and originality of the sounds of eastern Cuba: Ivan Francisco Darroman Montoya and Alisvey Portuondo Fuentes on percussion, Alexis Donatien Despaigne on vocals, Arensidio Sarmiento Camacho on bass, Eduardo Fernandez on saxophone, Aldo Medina Caballero on piano and accordion, Over Luis Martinez on guitar Alexis Emilio Gonzales Cespedes on trumpet. Their project is to develop, promote and protect the unique, indigenous, native and urban nature of these musical movements that characterize this region