The experience

  • The village

Apéro-Concerts: July, the heat, 7 p.m., as a desire to enjoy your evening, your holidays or to change your mind after a day’s work. Only one place is needed, the RIFE aperitif concert.

The market: Every year, the festival hosts a craft market, located at the entrance of the “Village des RIFE”. Throughout the week, you can discover various stands of local and international craftsmen who will present their products available for sale: jewellery, clothing, decorations, musical instruments, etc.


  • The eco-festival approach: For the refreshment bar, no more plastic cups, make way for reusable glasses. Consigned to 1 RIFE, you will be able to recover your deposit if you choose to return the glass to us once you have finished drinking.  A recyclable or washable dish. selective sorting system. dry toilets


  • The currency: Only one currency during the festival: “RIFE” (1 RIFE = 1,10€) on sale on site.
    Returnable cups are required for all consumption throughout the festival.
    1 cup = 1 RIFE of setpoint.
    Remember to exchange your euros for RIFE when you arrive on the site.